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"Import Trader imported a 'slightly used' Mercedes for me last year. The Import Trader team, was highly professional, and freed me of the many hassles importation can involve."

Gaetan Campeau,
CEO TelcoBridges Inc.
Boucherville, Quebec

"I was able to save several thousand dollars on a new Toyota Solara. I have recommended Import Trader to many people, and will continue to do so."

Ed Kazor,
Toronto, Ontario

"Import Trader has succeeded in simplifying the vehicle import process. Every Canadian who is shopping for a vehicle can get information from Import Trader to help them make an informed decision."

Brian Osler
President and CEO of NAATA
(North American Automobile
Trade Association)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Import Trader?

We allow you to deal locally, with a registered Canadian company based in the Greater Toronto Area. We handle everything at the Border as well as provide bonded/insured transportation of your vehicle.

When will I get my vehicle?

Your vehicle should arrive in 7-14 days, depending on availability and the required modifications.

Why does the vehicle have to be modified?

While U.S. & Canadian vehicle specifications and safety standards are very similar, there are still a few differences.
If the vehicle is NOT modified to meet Transport Canada regulations, it will NOT be road legal and you will NOT be able to register & plate it.

What is the "recall clearance" letter?

Recall clearance documents verify that any defects identified by the manufacturer as a potential safety risk to the vehicle's operator, occupants and public at large, have been corrected.

    Acceptable forms of recall clearance documentation are:

  • A letter from the vehicle manufacturer's U.S. or Canadian head office.
  • A printout from an American or Canadian dealership's vehicle service database.
  • The manufacturer's web site.

What are all the fees involved?

Import Trader only charges a flat administration fee depending on if the vehicle is driven or transported on a truck.
If the vehicle is self-driven, our flat fee is $495 CAD + taxes.
If you require access to our transport network, it is $595 CAD + taxes + wholesale cartage.

All other fees (HST/GST, duty, air conditioner tax, etc. are all flow-through and identical if you did the import yourself.)

  • The other costs & fees associated with importing your vehicle are as follows and are paid by Import Trader to their respective organizations, government bodies and companies and NOT kept by Import Trader: (All prices CAD)
  • Registrar of Imported Vehicles Fee: $195 + GST/QST/HST (depending on the border crossing used)
  • Letter of Recall (from manufacturer, varies, if applicable)
  • Wholesale transport/cartage (varies by location)
  • Air Conditioner Tax: $100 + GST
  • Gas Guzzler Tax (Green Levy): $1,000 - $4,000 (Doesn't apply to pick-up trucks.)
  • Duty (for vehicles manufactured outside North America, VIN starts with a letter): 6.1%
  • Modifications: daytime running lights, metric instrument cluster, child seat tethers, etc. (varies)
  • GST
  • PST/HST/QST (when the vehicle is registered)

Can I import any vehicle?

Import Trader can facilitate the entire import process of any used vehicle you wish to purchase, provided it is admissible. Transport Canada maintains a list of admissible vehicles.

Please visit our Import Your Vehicle page for more information.